Building on experience


The founder of Cremon Consulting, Barbara M. Riewe, can look back on more than twenty years of experience in the successful development, letting, portfolio management and marketing of large-volume commercial property portfolios with a diverse structure (office buildings, shopping centres, hotels, retail space, multi-storey car parks, etc.) throughout Germany. A recognised specialist in commercial property, she has consistently demonstrated how important first-class sales expertise and high-quality marketing are for the commercial success of a building or a property portfolio.

As chief executive, she has developed investment products in Hamburg and Cologne, preparing them for sale and successfully marketing them. As authorised representative and sales manager, she and her Hamburg-based team have been responsible for positioning various large-volume new developments throughout Germany. In addition, Barbara M. Riewe has many years of experience in asset management and with her team has achieved outstanding results for a diverse Germany-wide portfolio comprising approx. one million square metres of commercial space – managing and sustainably optimising it. Experience you can build on.

Barbara M. Riewe

Selected areas of experience at a glance:

Asset management

approx. 1,000,000 m2 rental area Germany wide
office buildings, shopping centres, rows of shops, multi-storey car parks, etc.
(Hamburg, Bremen, Berlin, Essen, Düsseldorf-Neuss, Stuttgart, Wesel)


approx. 500,000 m2 tenanted rental area Germany wide
office and retail space, etc.
(Hamburg, Bremen, Berlin, Essen, Düsseldorf-Neuss, Cologne, Stuttgart)

Project development

approx. 250,000 m2 GFA new construction projects Germany wide
office buildings with retail space
(Hamburg, Bremen, Essen, Cologne, Berlin)


office properties with a purchase price of approx. EUR 30 – 100 million
preparation to point of sale and support for due diligence
(Hamburg and Cologne)

Location marketing

Hamburg – City-Süd
Bremen – Airport-City